Helicopter Smash Payout

Helicopter Smash Payout
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Helicopter Smash Results in £275,000 Payout

The expertise of key personnel within Military Lawyers 4U secured a significant win for an injured serviceman of £275, 000 following a helicopter crash.

Talking of other recent cases, Stuart Lowrey of Military Lawyers 4U explains “We handle all types of cases from soldiers injured whilst serving at home or abroad. A big problem for soldiers at the moment is hearing damage or tinnitus resulting from exposure to excessive noise and live firing ranges and lack of adequate hearing protection resulting in one recent case of securing a £9, 000 pay out for a mild hearing loss.”

Another client suffered a knee injury due to faulty equipment causing him to leave the military and he received £100, 000 compensation after contacting Military Lawyers 4U to handle the case for him. Stuart Lowrey confirms that “even if you’ve already been offered a settlement figure to the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme following an accident or injury at work still give the firm a ring as in many cases we can negotiate a better settlement for you that can make all the difference to you and your family.”

Military Lawyers 4U work on a “No win no fee” basis (subject to taking full instructions) so whether you win or lose your case there are no legal bills to settle and you get to keep 100% of the compensation awarded. If you have been injured contact Stuart Lowrey in complete confidence to find out if Military Lawyers 4U might be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

Telephone: 01274 727 190 or fill in the contact form.