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If you are serving (or have served) in the armed forces and need legal advice on family law matters, it’s important that you choose a solicitor who understands your way of life.

One of the biggest and most traumatic issues we see after relationship breakdown are problems relating to access to children and we have extensive experience in this field to make sure that you, and also Grandparents, can keep in contact with your children.

We offer practical advice on all of the following:

Divorce & Separation

Combining military life with married life can be tough. Lengthy periods of time apart on overseas postings, working unsociable hours and stress/trauma can all lead to couples splitting up – sometimes women might say that they ‘don’t even see the man they married anymore’ or ‘I didn’t sign up for this’. People change, but people in the Army can change even more quickly than others due to the amount of information and situations they are exposed to over a relatively short period of time. Military divorce rates are double those of civilians and it’s easy to see why.

At Military Lawyers 4U we understand the way the armed forces operate, the way that families can be fragmented and displaced and also how negotiating a divorce settlement can be complex particularly if children are involved or if emotions are running high. Equally we know that military personnel, due to their efficient nature, are keen to get matters resolved as quickly as possible so that they can move on with their lives and know that everything is ‘boxed off’.

Military Lawyers 4U’s, Divorce Consultant, Erika Williman, is highly experienced in negotiating Divorce Settlements for families who are connected to the Armed Forces. She has strong connections to Catterick and military/RAF bases across the North of England. Erika also operates on a national and international basis as much of the correspondence can be carried out over ‘phone or e-mail to suit your work commitments.

We offer a FREE initial consultation (either in person or over the telephone) on any matter related to divorce or separation to make sure that you are aware of your options and the implications for:

  • Finances
  • Property (often an ex-partner may be living in military accommodation or a jointly-owned house)
  • Children (Residence/Custody/Access)
  • Protecting Pensions & Future Income

Our fixed fee divorce packages start from just £250+VAT and are tailored to suit you and your individual circumstances.  Call today for some FREE initial advice.


One of the key areas where Military Lawyers 4U  is skilled is in making sure military personnel can continue to have a positive relationship with their children following divorce or separation. Following a split it can be far more difficult to maintain contact than for those in civilian walks of life, particularly if an ex-partner moves away or if you are stationed elsewhere.  A sole parent with a career in the armed forces can be perceived by the Courts as offering less stability – and the Courts like stability and continuity when it comes to children.  We come up with strategies that work with your lifestyle so if that means planning flexiblecontact arrangements that correspond with your periods of leave, then that is what will endeavor to do to make sure your childs’ wishes and welfare are safeguarded at every step.

Equally we often help people who are struggling to be allowed to see their children following a divorce or separation, particularly if relations with an ex-partner have completely broken down.  If this affects you, it will also be affecting your children and your ability to play the part you want in their lives.  Please contact us for FREE initial advice on any matter relating to children, don’t suffer in silence or simply give up trying because as time passes, it becomes harder to re-establish contact and make up for lost time.  It is also worth noting that Grandparents can also risk losing contact with theirGrandchildren after a divorce or separation and again, we can advise Grandparents on their options.

We put legal steps and contingencies in place to protect your children and make sure you can still play an active role in their lives during and after divorce or separation.

You need your kids.  Your kids need you.

Call us today for advice if you’ve split up from your Partner but don’t want to lose contact with your children.

Social Services & Care Proceedings

If your children are at risk of being taken into care, you MUST seek legal advice to make sure that your interests are represented. In this area of the Law, matters can move extremely quickly and you will need access to quick and accurate legal counsel to understand the implications of a chain of events. Sometimes military personnel might call us when they are away from home and feeling out of control and mis-informed about what might be happening to their children, particularly if Social Services have intervened and children have been place in temporary Foster Care. As a parent, you do have a voice, and it’s imperative that it’s heard.

If you have any questions or concerns about Social Services involvement or Care Proceedings please call for FREE initial advice and in these circumstances you may well be entitled to Legal Aid to cover your costs.

Wherever you are in the world, call us for advice and support to ensure the best outcome for you and your children.

Finances & Military Pensions

Financial arrangements for those serving (or who have served) in the military can be complex, particularly when future earnings and pensions must be considered in any divorce settlement or when provision is being made for children, school and university fees etc. It is worth noting that a divorce only ends your marriage, not your financial relationship, so unless a finite agreement is put in place an ex-partner could potentially lay claim to future earnings or pensions. Although we appreciate that many of our clients in the military sector are keen to take ‘cut and dried’ approach to separation or divorce and finalise matters as swiftly as possible, we always ensure that your future financial security is safeguarded for complete peace of mind.

Speak to us today if you are worried about how divorce or separation is going to affect your finances in the short, medium or long-term and we can give you honest and straightforward advice about how to protect your assets.


Many military personnel look to get their foot on the ladder of the property market and purchase a home, either for their own use, or as a rental property during their career. When relationships break down here are some of the most common situations we encounter:

I’ve been away on a tour of duty, my wife says she wants to split up and she won’t let me back in the house. It’s my house, but she lives there with the kids – what can I do?

I just want a clean break and I’m happy to give the house to my wife for her and the kids to live in until the kids are 18….. Do I need to get something in writing?

My wife’s moved her new Partner into our house and now I want them both out but she’s saying the house is hers

My wife’s refusing to move out of our house OR saying she won’t sell it but I want my money out to start afresh – can I make her sell the house?

The house is worth less than we paid for it and selling it will leave us in debt – how do we split that debt?

If you are divorcing or splitting up and have a jointly-owned property to consider, please contact us for advice on reaching a fair financial settlement that represents your best interests and reduces any ambiguity.

Your kids need YOU…YOU need your kids.