Compensation Levels

Compensation Levels
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Money Matters

The way the level of compensation is arrived at is as much an art as a science. Compensation is paid for various losses e.g.

Pain and suffering.

Awards for pain and suffering are not as high as you would think.

Future Losses.

When you see massive awards reported in the media, the vast amount of the award comprises of future care and future loss of earnings and pension rights.

Below are details of various awards made in very different circumstances and it is difficult to tell from the figures who was the most seriously injured.

Passenger in a helicopter crash. £275,000

Knee trapped in Warrior turret ring gear £60,000

Loss of one eye during training £80,000

Moderate Noise Induced Hearing Loss £10,000

Working from a crane bucket £100,000

Gunshot wound £20,000

Fractured jaw Tank turret £50,000

Motorcycle display team member £18,000

Defective tank hangar door fractured knee £20,000

Hit by train whilst on civil disorder duties £60,000

“Bottle test” Jump from a cliff into the sea. £25,000

All the above were dealt with on a strict No Win-No Fee basis.