Acute Acoustic Trauma

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Acute Acoustic Trauma

We are aware that many personnel are suffering from hearing loss or Tinnitus as a result of live firing, particularly assault rifles, this is almost certainly a condition known as Acute Acoustic Trauma.
Acute acoustic trauma (ATT) is the consequence of short term noise exposure to impulse noise.

Recent research in the field of Acute Acoustic Trauma has provided a greater insight in to the circumstance of hearing and tinnitus in military personnel. A detailed study carried out by the Finnish Defence Force has revealed that in spite of strict safety regulations concerning fire arms shooting, hundreds of individuals still suffered acute acoustical trauma every year resulting in symptoms such as tinnitus and/or hearing impairments. The most common causative weapon was the assault rifle. Most incidents of acute acoustical trauma occurred during combat training in the field.

When To Take Legal Advice

Within three years of the “Date of Knowledge” of the condition arising. Do not wait until you have been discharged.

What’s the “Date of Knowledge”.

It’s when you knew or ought to have known you were suffering from significant hearing problems and that it was as a result of your service. Quite often it is when you were first diagnosed – but not always!