Other Accidents / Injuries

Other accidents & injuries

Training injuriesHearing lossOn operation injuries





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The Ministry of Defence is no different to any other large publicly owned organisation when it comes to basic Health & Safety away from operational theatres and you are owed a commensurate Duty of Care. Management of Health and Safety is equally applicable on MOD property as for any other type of employer.

Manual Handling – should be restricted to a minimum.

Personal Protective Equipment – Lack of! (Hearing Loss- Again!)

Substances Hazardous to Health

Provision of Work Equipment (Could be anything from body armour to a computer work station)

Workplace environment. Wet floor in a kitchen. Excessive cold, poor lighting

Industrial Diseases.

When to take legal advice.

Within three years of the injury occurring. Or in the case of Industrial Disease/ Hearing loss, Within three years of the “Date of Knowledge” of the condition arising. Do not wait until you have been discharged.

What’s the “Date of Knowledge”.

It’s when you knew or ought to have known you were suffering from significant hearing problems and that it was as a result of your service. Quite often it is when you were first diagnosed – but not always!