Training Injuries

Training Injuries

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Almost like any other employer, the Ministry of Defence has a duty of care to look after its employees during training. We understand training must be realistic and there must be some element of risk. But where the risk is disproportionate or through a failure in the duty of care an injury arises you may wish to take advice.


Parachuting in high winds

“Bottle” testing incidents. (Leaping off cliffs into the sea!)

Beastings (Did you know the Army doesn’t permit beastings!)

Road Traffic Accidents

Injuries in armoured vehicles (Limbs caught in machinery)

Hearing problems (We have a whole page devoted to hearing problems which are endemic)

Negligent Discharges

Non Freezing Cold Injuries

Assault Courses (Where equipment may be defective.)

Sporting Injuries (Especially “off the ball” incidents at rugby!)

Defective equipment (From armoured vehicles to radio headsets)

Defective premises (e.g. wet floor in a gym.)

Live firing exercises and controlled detonations.

When to take legal advice.

Within three years of the injury occurring. Do not wait until you have been discharged.