Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
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Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

This is a Non-Fault Scheme for injuries on or after 6 April 2005.

You are not required to show that there was any fault on the part on the MOD in order to receive an award under the scheme. It is only necessary to show that your injury, illness or death was caused mainly by your service.

Accepting compensation under the scheme does not disqualify you from making a civil negligence claim against the MOD.

The amounts of compensation are determined by a tariff.

For pain and suffering the scheme makes a tax free lump sum payment for qualifying injuries and illnesses caused mainly by service.

For more serious illnesses and injuries a Guaranteed Income Payment (G.I.P.) will be awarded.

Awards may be abated for payments from Criminal Injuries Compensation Schemes or as a result of civil action.

The scheme is administered by the Veterans Agency and full details can be obtained from their website.

When Should You Apply

Within five years from the date of the incident or event that caused injury.